Midday’s With Mack



Hey! I’m Mack! Well, Amanda “Mack” Lyon. I graduated from the University of Louisiana at Monroe, with a degree in Public Relations and Communications. I started my radio career in 2009 when one of my dearest mentors left me with a radio station on my hands. I literally googled, “How do you run a radio station?” And, well…after that, clearly I’m still on the radio! Radio is a huge passion of mine. I enjoy it most because talking to each of you every day makes me ‘relatable’ and it’s literally the best part of my day!  I love volunteering, I love giving back and I love the way that radio makes an impact on every single person. In my spare time…which is hardly EVER, I love traveling, concerts, and staying on the go! At home it’s me, my husband Matt, my son Cooper, our Golden Retrievers Bosco and Willie and our prissy cat Miss Jackson. She totally rules the roost! lol! Anyway! Thanks for listening and as always, “Don’t forget to smile. It’ll make your day better and someone else’s as well! You never know how much a smile may impact someone!”